Joseph Hill

Since he was young, Joseph Hill has been an artist. When he first touched a camera the possibilities became endless in his mind. What stories could he tell with the snap of a shutter? What life could he capture in his lens?

For over 35 years Joseph has been traveling around the world and capturing moments as he goes.

In 1996 Joseph became interested in another level of his craft - fine art photography. He experimented with a broad range of fine art techniques to enhance, and insight wonder in his photographs.

As the CEO of Prolab Digital, Los Angeles’ #1 destination for fine art and photographic printing, Joseph is constantly inspired by the work of his clients.

“I have the dream job,” Joseph says, “not only do I get to pursue something I love in my own art, but I get to help others realize their dreams and watch their pieces come to life in beautiful, brilliant realism.”

“The J Collection has been brewing in my mind and in my workroom for a long time,” Joseph continues, “I believe that art can heal, it can inspire, and it can truly bless a room. The pieces I am releasing in The J Collection are images that will last a lifetime. They would shine in a New York apartment or a Hawaiian beach house. It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of life you live, these pieces will seamlessly become a part of it.”